Smuuvr for the WordPress Admin

Enhance and Improve the WordPress Admin.

Smuuvr makes it easier, faster, and cleaner (aka Better).

The Same WordPress Admin… Only Better!

The WordPress Admin is amazing.  It’s allowed millions of people to create and author content for their websites with ease since the early 2000s, and that was a big part of WordPress becoming the #1 open source website system. The only problem is… they didn’t quite predict the amount of clutter that plugins would add to the backend.   That’s where Smuuvr comes in and cleans it up!

(The WordPress Admin, that is)

Smuuvr WordPress Admin Enhancements:

Sort and Enhance the WP Admin Menu
  • Add a Search to the Admin Menu
    • Finding things in the WP Admin menu can be practically impossible in some websites that have lots of plugins and add-ons etc.  For this, we have added a search filter to the top of the menu where you can type in what you’re looking for, and the menu will filter as you type, making it easy to find stuff quickly when the clutter is blinding.
  • Fade Down the Menu When Not Using It
    • The side menu is distracting.  We’re fading it down and it fades back in automatically when you mouse hover over it, or touch and drag on it on mobile/tablet.
    • Add Notifications to the Top Bar
      • Notifications can get buried in sub-menus, making them easy to miss!
      • Smuuvr will search the WP Admin menu, find any items with Notifications, and highlight them by adding them to the top-bar on the right side.  Now you’ll never miss buried notifications again!
  • Clear Up Clutter:  Smaller Fonts with Larger Roll Overs
    • Menu Item sizes are made  smaller to clean up the UI and let more items fit on one page without scrolling
    • When hovering on an item or opening a parent menu, the main menu item will animate up to a much LARGER size so that it’s easier to read what you’re hovering on.
  • Alphabetical Order for the WP Admin Menu!
    • This is probably one of the most frustrating thing.  Why is the menu not in alphabetical order by default?  It’s hard to scan up and down looking for something in an un-ordered list.  That’s why we automatically sort the list into alphabetical order.  Now, the A’s on are on top, perfect!


  • Swap W Logo Menu for Dashboard Logo Menu
    • The (W) wordpress logo in the top left of the wp admin is in a perfect spot for useful links, but all that’s in there is boring “About Worpdress” etc type links.
    • Smuuvr adds the “Dashboard” links from the main WP Menu to this handy top-left menu, and swaps the “W” for the WP Admin Dashboard icon and points the link there, for a much more useful menu.
    • Don’t worry, all the boring links are still in the menu, too, just pushed down a bit.
  • Expand Full Screen WP Admin Main Menu
    • Want to see your entire admin menu across the full screen?  Smuuvr adds a “Expand” button, and moves the normal collapse button up to the top with it, so that you can collapse or fully expand the entire admin menu to nice large text as needed.
Expand the WP Admin Menu full screen to search it easier