Smuuvr for Trello

Clear the Clutter and Make Trello a Clean Place to Focus

Cleaner Is Better.

We love Trello.  It’s a great ticket board system.  But, after a while it becomes stacked up with SO many tickets, it can be a daunting wall of text.  So, we’ve added some featuers that help you clean things up nicely, so you can focus on the tickets that matter.

Trello Enhancements:



  • Column Card Counts
    • Adds a shortened card-count to the top of every list in parenthesis to the top left corner of the list columns.  Now you can see how many cards are in each column easily without having to scroll down them.
  • Fade Non-Critical Columns to Transparent
    • Searches column titles for important words, like “To Do”, “Critical”, “In Progress”, “Important” – things like that – and will keep these bright full opacity, while fading down lesser important columns, with the most transparent being any columns that contain titles with “Done” or “Complete” etc. as non-important.
  • Clear Up Clutter: Minimize Buttons for Columns
    • Minimize and fade down any column to collapse them away to the side where they make more room for more important lists to clear up clutter.
  • Quick User-Filter in Each User Avatar Menu
    • Adds a “view/hide” menu item to add a search filter for each user in their Avatar menu (click on their face or initial and it will add to the bottom of that quick menu). This is much more intuitive than the Search > menu that you normally have to use to apply these filters.
  • Make the Main Boards Tiles Page Wide Screen
    • I don’t know why they don’t already do this, but the main boards screen is much better full-wide screen with more space and more tiles per row.