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All the Great Features of Smuuvr – Ad Remover, Pop-Up Closer, Page & Player Controls, and More Auto-Upgrades – Now Compatible with! 

Try out the Smuuvr extension for Chrome, Kiwi, or FireFox, and you’ll see the amazing difference.  No more banner ads.  Skip un-skippable video ads.  Control videos in all new ways.  This is also compatible many other popular adult content sites such as xvid, xhamster, and many more.

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Popular Features:


Automatically Hide Ads on PornHub and YouPorn

One of our top requests –  Smuuvr ad detection and auto-hider is now compatible with removing ads on PornHub.  This will hide and remove ads from the page so that you can view pages without distractions.  This includes banner ads, promotional backgrounds, top bar ads, and more.


Larger Videos with Tall, Wide, or Rotated Videos

Toggle the media player height to match the full browser height or full browser width, to make the video bigger.  This maximizes video sizes within the page and eliminates those annoying “black bars” in the video on the sides wasting space.  A taller media player will often allow the video to be played larger, filling more of the player box.  Match that with a wider layout, and it’s much better (see next feature).


Wide Screen Page Layout for Larger Videos and Thumbnails

Smuuvr will automatically widen the page to fit the browser, to take advantage of as much of the screen space as possible.  This eliminates the wasted space in the margins to maximize video sizes, thumbnail sizes, and more.  The standard left sidebar on archive pages is also reduced and minimized off the left side to maximize page space.  Hover your mouse over it to show it.


Hide Watched Thumbs, Highlight and/or Hide Premium Thumbs

Just like on Amazon, Smuuvr will highlight premium items with a yellow dashed outline, and dim the thumbnail down so that you don’t click them by accident.  However, in the Smuuvr side toolbar, you can also completely hide Premium thumbs from the page with one click.  Also, you can hide “watched” videos if you are logged in and have already seen videos and want them hidden from the list.

And, so much more! 
Check out all the great features below.

All PornHub-Compatible Features:

  • Ad Remover / Ad Hider
    Removes Ads from Page
  • Close Pop Up Ads Automatically
    Those pesky automatic pop-ups will self-close.
  • Wide Screen Page Layout
    Fit the wider screens like laptops and desktops fully
  • Rotate Video
    Rotate any video 90 degrees to turn it up, down, left, or right, for parts of videos that were taken sideways.
  • Auto-Loop a Video Part at ANY Time in the Video
    Infinitely loop a video whenever you want with one click.  Click the “Loop” button in the Smuuvr Toolbar and the video will go back and loop from 10 seconds earlier every time it passes the mark when you clicked it.  Simply click it to set it, and click it again to disable it.
  • Better Tall / Wide Player Sizes
    Larger video player vertically or horizontally, or both.
    Note: “Wide Player” mode automatically stops the auto-side-scrollers.  Use this mode if you think the auto-scrollers are slowing down your page as a quick fix for slower computers
  • Page-Scroll to Video Top for Tall-Player
    Scroll the player to touch the top of the screen when in tall-player mode, to hide the header
  • Corner Video
    Click to move the video to the bottom corner so it can still be viewed while scrolling.  This feature will auto-toggle while scrolling down, much like on YouTube.  Click it again to undo the corner video back to it’s original position.  


    • Auto Dim-Down Secondary UI (Hover to Brighten)
      Dims down the header, footer, about-box, text area, etc compacts them to be less distracting for better media viewing.  Touch or move your mouse over them to fade them back up to full brigtness.
    • Slide-Out Sidebar in Archive / Category Pages
      Archive pages side-bars are minimized off screen to open up more page space.  Hover your mouse over it or touch the edge on the left side to slide it back out into view
    • About Section Minimize
      Hide/show the about area
    • Jump-To Video Point Menu
      Detects videos with bookmark points that you can jump-to and lists them by name in the Smuuvr Sidebar on the right side of the screen.  Click one to jump the movie to that point.
    • Hide Watched / Premium Thumbnails
      Click the button in the Smuuvr side toolbar to hide Premium Thumbnails or Watched Thumbnails (must be logged in to PH for PH Watched videos to work)
    • ESC for Privacy Cover
      Press the “Escape” key while focus is on your browser and Smuuvr will fade the page out to grey to avoid anyone seeing what was on it.  It will also hide the tab icon and the tab title.  This can be helpful when you don’t want someone to see what’s on your screen without needing to minimize it.
  • Auto-Scroll Related Videos (Side Thumbs)
  • Auto-scroll the related thumbs on the side of the video.  (This will turn off in wide-player mode)
  • Page Scroller
    Auto-scroll the page.  Click multiple times to scroll faster.  Scroll the page up or down yourself to stop the auto-scrolling.
  • Show All Ads
    Re-show the hidden ads (also has a number denoting how many were hidden)
  • Larger Thumbnails
    Increase thumbnail sizes and fill the page with more thumbnails in the wider layout
  • Smuuvr Logo Tag
    The (^S) purple circle that shows by the corner of the logo will also display a total number of auto-upgrades and ads hidden, ex: (5).  Click the purple logo show/hide the Smuuvr side toolbar, or hover your mouse over it to see a summary of auto-upgrades and ads removed
  • Use with Mobile / Android with Kiwi Browser!
    Kiwi Browser is almost identical to Chrome.  It’s based on the same core (Chromium), and as a result it can load Chrome Extensions, even on Mobile where regular Chrome doesn’t!  Best part is, it is compatible with loading them right from the Chrome Store, no manual installation needed!  Just install Kiwi, and then seach for Smuuvr and use the auto-install and install Smuuvr for Kiwi the same way you would for Chrome, and wa-la!

Got a Feature Suggestion?
As always, if there is something that can be improved in any of your favorite website UIs,
submit your suggestions to us here through our website and we’ll do our best to add support for your requests.

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