Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple:

We don’t collect any personal information.

Our chrome extension collects no data about our users.  No emails, no IPs, no locations, no web history, nothing.

The only thing we store in memory are your own settings while using the toolbar, like one feature on, or another feature off, and that’s stored entirely in your own browser and is never shared with anyone or sent back to us in any way.

If you choose to register for our website to use our forum, then cookies may be used to keep you logged in etc.  Normal WordPress stuff.

Google Chrome

Google does collect data on extension usage, but it’s anonymous.  They show us stats of how many total people used our extension on any given day and their country of origin, like USA or UK, but that’s all.  They do not tell us who or where anyone is or what they used it for or what websites they visited or anything like that.  And, that’s more to do with Google’s privacy policy more than ours, we have no control over what Google does with their own browser.

You can enable Incognito Mode in Chrome and enable Smuuvr to work in that mode, in which case your usage data will be even more private from Google.