Smuuvr for Chrome

Install for Chrome (free)

Get the Official Smuuvr Chrome Add-On from Google’s Extensions Web Store in Seconds
*Also Works for Kiwi Browser on Android / iOS / Mobile / Tablet

Or, install manually without Chrome Extensions store for Chrome, FireFox, or Kiwi.

(Easy / < 1 min)

Install Smuuvr from Chrome Extensions Store in Seconds (free):

This is the easiest and fastest way to install Smuuvr for Chrome.

To install from Chrome Extensions Store (free), simply visit the Smuuvr Chrome Extension store page, and click “Add to Chrome“. 


After Install:

Enable Incognito Mode (full instructions below)
It will install in seconds.  Then, turn it on for Incognito Mode with the instructions below, if you’d like to use the Smuuvr Extension on sites while browsing in Incognito windows.

Enable / Disable Extension After Install
Once installed, you can also easily enable / disable the add-on when needed from your Chrome://extensions settings page.

If you install from Chrome Extensions store, it will auto-update when Google releases our latest versions.  You will not have to manually update, ever. 

(optional / after install / < 1 min)

How To Enable for Incognito Mode in Chrome

Extensions are disabled for Incognito Mode in Chrome by default, but easy to enable.
To use in incognito mode, after it’s installed, enable the extension for with one easy setting:

1. Open the Chrome Extension Settings for Smuuvr

You can do this by:

  • type in your address bar “chrome://extensions”,
    • find Smuuvr
    • click “details”
  • Or, right-click the Smuuvr icon
    • click “Manage Extensions” (very light spot in your add-ons row in the top right of your browser)

2.  Switch “Allow in Incognito” On

  • Scoll down the settings page to find the “Allow in Incognito Mode” button
  • Click it so that it’s enabled (blue)

That’s it! 
Kick back and enjoy a better, Smuuvr experience from now on.

If the Chrome Extensions Page Is Down for Updates… Manually Install!

Sometimes we have to re-submit our plugin updates to Google for review to get published, and they take down our old extensions page for up to a week while they review our code. 

If this is the case, you can still easily manually install in just a couple minutes or less.  See the instructions here:

How to Install Smuuvr Manually

Once Installed, Notice the Ads Removed and Layouts Fixed

Once you have Smuuvr running in your browser, compatible websites like YouTube will have ads removed from pages, layouts fixed (full wide screen), and the Smuuvr toolbar is on the right with any number of features, depending on what site you’re on. 

Smuuvr “S” Badge
You may also notice a small purple badge on some site logos or in the top corner of the site.  This is a small clickable button to pop the toolar out onto the page if clicked, or hover over it to see how many upgrades were applied to the page.


Enable for Incognito Windows

If you want to use Smuuvr on Incognito windows in Chrome, see the instructions on this page.

Once you’re in an incognito window, you can see if the logo is in the top right add-ons icon bar, it will be an “S”.

Open an Incognito Window:
On Dekstop,  press (CTRL+SHIFT+N) (may be Command+Shift+N on Mac) and then check if the Smuuvr “S” logo is in the top right of your browser.  

Smuuvr Toolbar

Once enabled, you can visit any supported website, like YouTube, and look on the right-side of the window for the small grey toolbar peaking out – that’s the Smuuvr Toolbar. 

Move your mouse over it (or touch it), and it will slide out from the edge and show what buttons are available for the page.  Different buttons may show depending on what is supported for each website you’re on. 

Press [x] in it to remove the toolbar from the current page.


Smuuvr Version
At the bottom of the Smuuvr toolbar, it will say what version of Smuuvr is running, like “Smuuvr 1.5.5”.  Be sure you’re on at least version 1.8.0 or higher, as major improvements were released with 1.8.

Check your current Smuuvr version and be sure to stay up to date for the lastest fixes, features, and add ons!