2 Ways to  Install Smuuvr

1. Automatic Install from Chrome Extensions Store

(free, < 20 sec) 

* Works for:
 Chrome (Windows / Mac)
Kiwi (Android) Browsers



2. Download Zip & Install Manually

 (free, < 2 mins)

Scroll down below for full instructions.

* This works for manual installation with:

  • Chrome 
  • FireFox
  • Kiwi Browser. 

See Manual Install Instructions Below.
Our manual instructions are easy, and only require you to download the add-on, unzip it, and load it as a developer add-on and turn it on or off just the same.  This is 100% safe and you can scan it with your virus scanner. 

Download & Install Smuuvr Manually for Your Web Browser (~2 min)

Currently Supports Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.  Best used with Chrome.

If you’d rather install manually, well, good news: manual installation is easy!

Keep in mind this is usually only for anyone who want to:

  • Install without Chrome Extensions Store
  • Install it for FireFox
  • Install it for Chrome as a Developer Extension
  • Install a version of Smuuvr that is not available elsewhere yet
  • Install while our Extensions page is down for new updates in review

Smuuvr 1.15.1

Extension For Chrome & FireFox

Download ZIP (free)

Last Updated 12/21/2020

Instructions: Download the zip above, and then follow the instructions below for either Chrome or Firefox manual installation:

Manual Extension Install for Google Chrome:
(as Developer Extension)

1. Download & Unzip Smuuvr 
Click the download link above on this page, download it, and unzip it to a folder on your computer that you can locate easily.

2.  Turn on Extension Developer Mode 
Go to chrome://extensions in your browser, and click “Developer Mode” in the top right corner, to turn on the ability allow for developer extensions.

3. Load The Unpacked Extension
Click the “Load Unpacked” button on the same page and choose the folder you unzipped Smuuvr to.  It should be switched “on” once installed, but make sure to switch it “on” after it’s loaded if it’s not already.  You can switch it on/off whenever you like as needed from this extensions page.

4.  Enable for Incognito (optional)
Click on Details to see the permissions and settings for the extension.

Scoll down to find and click the “Allow in Incognito Mode” button so that you can use Smuuvr in incognito mode, where it’s really handy!

Pro Tip: 
Press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open an incognito window in Chrome.


Manual Add-On Install for FireFox:

1. Download & Unzip Smuuvr 
Click the download link on this page, download it, and unzip it to a folder you can find easily on your computer.

2. Load in FireFox

Go to about:debugging in your address bar,
click “Load Temporary Add-On”,
and select the Smuuvr zip file you downloaded.

Pro Tip:
Press CTRL+SHIFT+P to open a private browsing window in FireFox.

Note: FireFox’s “Temporary Add-On” Lasts Until You Close Your Browser
Firefox will unload the add-on when you close the browser, so you will have to do this to enable the add-on each time you want to use it if you have closed your web browser since the last time.

Note: If you are a developer and know how to, Smuuvr is compatible with FireFox Mobile, but it requires more setup.  Instructions can be found on the FireFox developers website.

That’s it! 

Kick back and have a better, Smuuvr experience from now on.  Enjoy!