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Ok – 1.17.0 was just released and it has a setting for the loop interval, which you can change from default 10 seconds, to 15, 20, 40, 100, whatever.

I know it’s a pain to have to change that over and over for every video, so we will also work on another way to do this live on-page for any video instead of 1 setting for the toolbar permanently, too, but for now at least you can set it to what loop length fits most videos best for ya.

Maybe instead of buttons to switch loop interval in the toolbar, we could just do a Loop Start and Loop Stop button so you can mark the beginning and end of any length loop instead of a fixed amount of seconds? That’s more or less how a lot of DJ gear works, you just press “Start Loop” where you want it to loop back to, and then “Loop Back” where it is meant to go back to the loop start, whether that’s 5.7 seconds, 20.2 seconds, or 142 seconds etc…

Thanks for the feedback!