Smuuvr has an ever-evolving list of features that all make websites better in some way.  (ALL FREE)

Not all of the features are listed here, so, the best way to discover features is to turn it on and check the Smuuvr Toolbar for buttons while on any website you want.  You never really know what might be compatible until you try!

Here’s some of the most popular features:

Skip Any Video Ads 

(Yes, even the un-skippable video ads with no “Skip Ad” button)

Skip the video ads that don’t have a “Skip Video” button.  There’s nothing worse than a 60-second unskippable ad playing without being able to skip it.  Just slick “Skip Video Ad” and it will skip to the end of any video ad. 

Since version 1.15.0+ there is also an auto-skip ad feature that will skip ads automatically on some of the most popular video sites 😉

Done and done.


Automatically Skip Video Ads on YouTube and Other Websites

Auto-Hide Banner Ads 

Smuuvr hides ads that other ad-blockers can’t seem to block. 

Blink, gone.  How ads should be: optional.  We have a unique way of disconnecting ads from their servers and hiding them from page.  Smuuvr also fixes the page layouts or gaps that removed ads leave behind, to make the page nicer once the ads go bye-bye.  

This is especially nice for ads that Ad-Block are not always blocking or removing.


Dark Mode for Any Website

Save your eyes!  Make any website, especially the overly-white kind, turn to dark mode instead!  This is GREAT on sites that are really just too bright for night time or dark rooms. 

Just click “Dark Mode” from the Smuuvr Toolbar at any time and it will stay on and re-apply to every page on that website.  The setting will remember your preference on a site-by-site basis, so that you can have some sites Dark Mode, and others just normal, without having to hit the button every time.  Convenience.  Doesn’t it feel great?

Try out the new “Matrix Mode” too, for a matrixy black and green twist on dark mode.


Rotate Videos While You Watch Them

Don’t turn your head sideways.  Rotate any YouTube or other site’s videos to any 45 or 90 degree angle.

Resize Video to Fit Your Browser

Change the video side to full-width or full-height to match your browser (or both).

Go Video-Only Mode

Click Video-Only to hide everything except the video.  This will also go wide-screen automatically.  This mode can be helpful to cut out all distractions and have no scrolling, which can be great for Virtual Reality or other interactive videos where scrolling can get in the way.

Fit Video to Player (Remove Black Bars)

Click “Fit Video” in the Smuuvr Toolbar to change a video’s fit mode (aspect ratio) within the video player window.  Use “Cover” mode to cover the full player with the video, eliminating black bars and maximizing the video in the player area.  Or use “contain” (default) or “none” (native size) modes for other aspect ratios if preferred.

Combine  “Cover” video fit mode with the “Video-Only” mode to maximize the video within your browser.


Auto-Scroll Side Thumbnails

Isn’t scrolling annoying?  Smuuvr automatically scrolls the thumbnails of related videos for you so that you don’t have to.  You can turn this off, and it will auto-disable when you make the player wide. 

Also, how great do thumbnails look instead of that banner ad that was there?  MUCH better!

Auto-Corner Video (When Scrolled Down)

Scrolling through comments?  The video will automatically dock in the corner so you don’t have to stop watching while scanning through the troll fest.

As usual, you can turn this on/off in the toolbar.

More Great Smuuvr Features:

Auto-Slideshow Your Instagram Feed or Hashtag
Scrolling with the mouse or your finger over and over again is redundant.  Let the computer scroll for you!  Log into your account and slideshow your Instagram feed on your desktop, and kick back and watch the show. 

This can be a great tool for slideshowing hashtags at events, too!  For example, if used on a hashtag page for any event or bar that has a hastag.  You can setup a screen to slideshow the hashtag and people can post to the hashtag and see it go by on the display.

Download an Image from Instagram
It’s hard to get the image from the page on Instagram.  Sometimes you need to.  Use the “Grab Image” button in the Smuuvr Toolbar while on any Instagram post and it will grab it for you so you can download it easily.


Wide Screen Page Layouts
Undo the page’s width limit to fit wider screens better (like laptops and desktops) more fully on sites that are better that way, like most video sites.


Better Tall / Wide Player Sizes
Larger video player vertically or horizontally, or both.
Note: “Wide Player” mode automatically stops the auto-side-scrollers.  Use this mode if you think the auto-scrollers are slowing down your page as a quick fix for slower computers.

Auto-Loop a Video Part at ANY Time in the Video
Infinitely loop a video whenever you want with one click.  Click the “Loop” button in the Smuuvr Toolbar and the video will go back and loop from 10 seconds earlier every time it passes the mark when you clicked it.  Simply click it to set it, and click it again to disable it.


Auto-Page Scroller
Auto-scroll the page.  Click multiple times to scroll faster.  Scroll the page up or down yourself to stop the auto-scrolling.

Press ESCAPE Key for Privacy Cover
Press the “Escape” key while focus is on your browser and Smuuvr will fade the page out to grey to avoid anyone seeing what was on it.  This can be helpful when you don’t want people to see what’s on your screen in any situation, or if you walk away from your computer, etc.


Close Pop Up Ads Automatically
Most all of those pesky automatic pop-ups will self-close when they open and Smuuvr is ready!

Use with Mobile / Android with Kiwi Browser!
Kiwi Browser is almost identical to Chrome.  It’s based on the same core (Chromium), and as a result it can load Chrome Extensions, even on Mobile where regular Chrome doesn’t!  Best part is, it is compatible with loading them right from the Chrome Store, no manual installation needed!  Just install Kiwi, and then seach for Smuuvr and use the auto-install and install Smuuvr for Kiwi the same way you would for Chrome, and wa-la!

Reload Disabled / Show All Ads
Re-show the hidden ads (also has a number denoting how many were hidden), or reload with Smuuvr disabled.  Not sure why you’d want to do this, but should you want to see the page without Smuuvr and without ads, then go for it!

EVEN MORE Smuuvr Features!

More Video Features

  • Jump to video queue points (if supported)
  • Play / Pause the video
  • Rotate the video player 45 degrees or upside down
  • Skip ahead 10 seconds
  • Rewind 10 seconds
  • Loop the last 10 seconds

More IG Features

  • Grab an image or video from the current post and open it in a new tab by itself so that it’s easy to save or copy with your mouse right click menus 
  • Slideshow an IG Hashtag
  • Slideshow an IG Profile
  • Slideshow an IG Feed
  • A Filter to Fade-Down all non-video posts, so that it’s easy to see all the videos in a feed tile view without having to click into them first to find out

A Few More Tiny Little Features

  • Disconnect Ads from their sources to save bandwidth and prevent additional tracking
  • Move layout elements to make up for the gaps that removed ads leave
  • Automate some wordpress admin things like repeatedly deleting posts one set at a time when bulk delete times out
  • Repeatedly check for new ads to be spawned, and snipe them
  • Identify premium video links more clearly call them out where they are posed to look like normal videos
  • Identify amazon advertisements more clearly to call them out where they are snuck in to look like organic content 


  • Experimental IG Features:
  • With your own account logged in, Auto-Lyke and Auto-Comm features can automatically engage with posts that are passing in a slideshow
  • Randomizes and Limit auto-engagements to reasonable levels and automatically shut off after running for too long in one session
  • Detects previous engagement and skip duplicate engagement on posts that have already been liked or commented by the current user

So. Many. More. Features.

There are many features that work across so many different websites and there are always more on the way; the best way to discover them is to try Smuuvr and check the Smuuvr Toolbar on the right side of the screen while on your favorite sites.  

Got a Feature Request?

If we don’t have  feature you are hoping for, we take requests! 
Let us know what features you’d like to seem and we might just build them!

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