Today we released version 1.8 on our site. This version fixes LOTs of things that may have caused performance slow downs in the past, especially if you’re running lots of tabs of supported sites at the same time. The new version runs like BUTTER compared to the old versions before 1.8.x. Please update if you have an older version!

Update (8/23): Google has approved and released Smuuvr 1.8.0 via the Chrome Extensions Store and it is available for install there again now

Also note, Google Extensions Store is still reviewing the new release, and they take up to a week or more sometimes, so our page in their store will be down until they approve. In the mean time, you can get the latest version (1.8.x) from our site here and manually install (see the manual install instructions page)

Here’s a quick review of the changes with this update:

  • Compatibility Issues Fixed
    • Smuuvr used to load jQuery externally. To meet Google’s guidelines, we now include our own version of jQuery in the plugin so not to load any external web resources. This fixed a number of issues and speeds things up quite a bit.
    • Compatibility issues with some sites that have conflicting scripts running was solved, all Smuuvr code and includes now run in their own sandbox, eliminating issues with sites that have different versions of the same includes.
    • Fixes specifically for YouTube included
  • Major Performance Speed Ups
    • We’ve cut the add-on loading time in half or more. This means no more waiting for the page to upgrade, it does it almost instantly as the page is loaded to cut down on lag time significantly. All scripts are now included in the original insteall so that there is nothing to wait on for Smuuvr to upgrade the page as soon as the page loads.
    • Scrollers, checkers, and auto-clickers all improved efficiency to reduce any slowdowns to a minimum.
    • You can now start/stop sidescrollers independently of using wide screen video player mode when needed
    • Cached targeting. Rather than search the page for upgrades constantly, we’ve cached some of the lookups to speed up performance.
    • Earlier exiting of all scripts and prevention of includes now occur faster to avoid any lag on sites where Smuuvr does not run.
  • More Compatibility For More Sites
    • More sites are not compatible with Smuuvr, too many to name.
  • New YouTube Features
    • Corner video while scrolling now works properly on YouTube on all video pages
  • Rotate Video Improved
    • There were some issues with rotating videos on page, especially on some YouTube videos. This update should fix that and rotate videos properly.
  • Remove Ads Feature Improved with Ads Blocker
    • We now disconnect the ad https connection from the iframes that they were hidden from, to effectively block them from wasting bandwidth or spying on you, and we also will restore the original ad’s connection to the frame if you choose to re-show hidden ads.