We released Smuuvr 1.4 yesterday on the website for download. It’s got some great updates, including:

  • Video Rotate Left and Right (CW and CCW) instead of just one direction
  • Support for YouTube players on WordPress websites
  • Support for YouTube players on various popular CMS based websites
  • Click the logo-badge (^s) feature to open and show side menu without hovering
  • Auto-corner video (youtube style)
  • Show-ads (undo hidden ads)
  • Toggled button states to see which modes are toggled and which are not, even for automated features like corner-video on-scroll
  • Discreet logo for icon (invisible until hover in regular browser mode, visible in incognito mode)
  • Experimental “Align Top” feature
  • Specific PH Support Features:
    • Video Jump-Links support for videos that have jump-to-milestone markers in the videos
    • Sidebar hover-to-show and new layout for main thumbnail pages
    • Hide/show “watched” videos thumbs
    • Placeholder for media popped out of page to retain scrolling position more accurately

Check back soon for more updates, tweaks, tunes, and more great Smuuvr features!