UPDATE 6/3/24: Google released Smuuvr 1.16.1

Original Post:

Version 1.16.1 has been submitted for deployment, and is currently being reviewed by Google web store, and should be public in only a day or two – they seem to be moving much faster these days with the review and release process.  They just approved our re-submission of 1.16.0 a few days ago, too, so there were also a lot of updates in that release recently.


This release has a number of tweaks and bug fixes including:

  • Header Layout Bug Fixes
    • Some headers on some “special” sites were kind of broken layout wise.
    • This was because they updated their sites structure a bit but we’ve updated to match their new updates so all is good.
    • Broken looking headers are incredibly annoying, so thank you for your patience.
  • UI Improvements
    • The vertical scrollbar was looking pretty ugs, so that’s been slimmed down.
    • The minimize and close buttons are bigger and easier to use now, especially on mobile
  • Video Layout Controls Improvements
    • Bug fixes for youtube and other sites
  • More Ad Detection / Updated Ad Detection
    • Slippery mfrs just keep trying to get clever with it, but we’ve updated our algorithm again too, huzzah!
    • This includes some ads that the most popular AdBlocker plugins do not block!
  • Update for Google’s New Extension Standards
    • Google has rolled out new standards for extensions that require some updates, mostly that don’t apply to our app but some did, so we updated.
      • Overall their updates make the extension landscape safer, so we don’t mind these updates.
      • They gave plenty of time to update, too, which is cool that we didn’t have to stress about rushing it.
      • We should be good to go for a long time now.

Upcoming Updates

We’ve recently had a report that Trello features are not working right, because they’ve also done some updates fairly recently.  We’ll be adapting to their html changes and have that feature set working again in an upcoming release.

After a lot of great feedback and development, Settings is also coming with controls for almost every feature to persistently retain your preferences on page load without using the toolbar.  Looking forward to that VERY soon in 1.17.0 !

Continue Submitting Feedback!

As always Thank You for your continued feedback and support, and please report and unwanted site interactions or side effects.