[UPDATE] June 12, 2024 / 11am PST:
A bug was reported that can stop Smuuvr from running on many sites.  We have fixed this right away and version 1.17.1 has now been released by Google Webstore.   Thank you for your patience!  Please continue to report any other issues that might pop up with the new settings!


After much feedback requesting this (a very understandable request), we have built a full new settings panel where you can permanently turn every feature off or on as you like.

Not into the scrollers?  Just turn off the checkbox in Settings and they won’t run anymore.

Want to stop Smuuvr from running on a page or website permanently?  Just add the name of the website’s .com to the Blacklist in the settings, and it will stay off for that URL.

This took a major overhaul in the code to make every feature run off of settings that can change in Storage, but it’s all done!

I’m sure with this major of an update, there will be some bugs or some unexpected combinations of features off or on that might not work quite right, so if any come up please report them so we can fix them and release 1.17.1 with any tweaks or fixes needed.