We didn’t know much about Kiwi Browser in the Android App Store, so we gave it a spin. Turns out, it’s a pretty great browser. It looks and feels almost identical to Chrome, and it runs on Chromium, the core of Google Chrome, so that’s no coincidence.

Use Chrome Extensions on Mobile with Kiwi Browser

One really game-changing thing about Kiwi Browser is that since it is based on Chromium, is able to install Chrome Add-Ons (like Smuuvr) from the Chrome Extensions Store with a single click, just like Chrome!

This means you can install the Smuuvr Add-On and use Kiwi Browser, complete with Incognito windows and other familiar features from Chrome, and enjoy all of the great Smuuvr upgrades like ad-removal.

Get Kiwi Browser for Android

Give it a try if you’d like to use Smuuvr on your Android Phone:

Kiwi Browser for Android