We’re happy to announce the release of version 1.10.0 and it’s got some GREAT updates! One of the best, for sure, is:

UNIVERSAL DARK MODE. Because Darker is Better.

It’s not as ominous as it sounds, but it sure will save your eyeballs. It will turn [almost] ANY website to a dark theme and re-apply automatically until disabled. Just mouse over the Smuuvr sidebar and click “Dark Mode” on any site and wa-la! It turns dark. Not EVERY Site is playing nice with this yet, but we’re knocking out the big ones first (YouTube, Google, etc) and will eventually have patched them all. If you discover a site you want to use Dark Mode on that isn’t working, please let us know!

Dark Mode Works for Google

Google is one of the whitest sites around. If it’s night time and a Google search window opens, it can be blinding. Smuuvr Universal Dark Mode will turn Google dark right before your very eyes! Now that I’ve been using this myself, I will never again have to stare at a WHITE WALL in my face to search for something.

More Side Scrollers

On certain videos sites, more thumbnail lists will auto scroll. Now, sometimes they scroll left-and-right, and others will scroll up-and-down, as needed!

Instagram Get-Image Helper Tool

Sometimes you need to grab an image from your Instagram, but clicking on it won’t work. Just use the “Grab Image” button in the Smuuvr toolbar while on a single instagram post page, and it will pop the image open in a new tab for you to do what you will with (save it, share it, whatever).

UI Improvements

The Smuuvr side toolbar has been re-ordered and cleaned up a bit and is lighter and more subtle in the idle state.

Auto-Loop Last 10 Seconds in Video

Some sites that support it will have a new “Loop 10s” button in the toolbar. When you press this, Smuuvr will send the video back 10 seconds, every 10 seconds. If you click to a different play position, it will continue to just send back 10 seconds from whatever point its at. Simply click it again to turn it off.

Performance Updates

Things will run a little… Smuuvr.

There are a few other tidbits improved here and there throughout depending on what site you’re on, so check the sidebar for cool features on your favorite sites!