I was flying home from a much needed vacation the other day, and of course was watching some in-flight movies to kill time.  But, the ads were really annoying (and long).  So I gave the Smuuvr toolbar a go, and oh, what a joy.

Skip In-Flight Video Ads with Smuuvr Toolbar > Skip Video Button

To my happy surprise, without having ever tested it before, Smuuvr was able to skip the ads without any issues using the Smuuvr Toolbar > Skip Video Ad button.

AutoSkip (Not Yet)
The auto-skip doesn’t seem to work yet because it’s not accessible during development, though that could change on my next flight… 🙂

Working: Using Manual Skip Video Ad
So in the mean time, just use the Smuuvr toolbar and click “Skip Video Ad” when they try to play you a minute long credit card ad or something even more awful to sit through than the crying baby and loud-snacks-lady that were both within a row or two of me and seem to always be on every flight.