The first patch release is live on our Manual Installation page and also in Google Review for release in the Chrome Store this week.

Update 10/8/19: This has been approved / released by Google Chrome Extensions store.

This version fixes some bugs that went out with 1.9.0, mainly for YouTube compatibility.

Rotate YouTube Video On Page

Rotate was broken with 1.9.0 because of an issue targeting the YouTube player. This is fixed in 1.9.1.

Rotate Buttons Active States

The Rotate Player buttons were not lighting up as active properly. This is fixed in 1.9.1 so that they are lit when the player is rotated/

Auto-Corner Player (Mini Player) Fixed for YouTube

As you scroll down the page, the auto-corner player feature kicks in. This was broken for YouTube with 1.9.0 and is fixed in 1.9.1. As you scroll, the window will dock to the bottom right corner. This can be manually enabled or disabled.

Corner Player Behind Side Thumbs: Fixed

As you scroll, the mini player was going behind the side thumbs. This is fixed.

YouTube Dark Mode

There were some issues with YouTube Dark Mode button working properly with 1.9.0. This is fixed in 1.9.1

If you use Smuuvr for YouTube, you will definitely want to get the latest update. It’s still in Review with Google Chrome Store but should be released within just a few days or less. They’ve been much quicker with our releases lately.

If you experienced any bugs with our latest release, please let us know in our Support Forum.