We’re happy to announce that you can now get Smuuvr 1.3 for Desktop Chrome and FireFox!

Just click “download” at the top of this site to go to our official download page. There you will find a link to download our zip file and instructions on how to install it as a developer extension.

We are working on getting our extension finalized for Google’s Add-On Marketplace and Play Store but until then we are running it in developer mode to allow anyone to use it in both regular or incognito mode without having to go through the app store. We are calling this our “Early Release” as it’s available to our users this way earlier than it will be available to the public through the official marketplaces for Google and FireFox.

Our plugin is 100% safe to use and can be turned on or off at any time in your Chrome Extensions page.

This release supports a number of popular sites, including YouTube, Facebook, PornHub, RedTube, and others.

This early release doesn’t have all of the features we have in the works for it, but it does have some of the best ones, such as removing ads, fixing layouts, and improving UX on a number of really great sites, only making them that much greater. We have shown that the extension removes some ads that Ad Block doesn’t remove, even though Ad-blocker is not the main purpose of Smuuvr, it is certainly a part of the overall mission to improve UX and add consistently upgraded user experiences to popular websites that we all use frequently.

Please check back often for more updates and more feature releases that are coming very soon!