Google released our latest update a few days ago. It contains an awesome update for both ad detection and a much easier to use skip button.

New Skip Button

Now you don’t have to use the side-toolbar anymore. A lot of users gave us great feedback that the toolbar was hiding the button and not making it easy enough. So, we’ve added the button right to the video as an overlay button. It’s easy to use and if you just wait it will disappear after a non-ad video plays for a couple seconds. Once you click it, just wait patiently and the player will realize and the next video will load. It does take a few seconds to kick in sometimes after the videos change from ad to video. You only need to click it once per video.

Better Ad Detection

Now Smuuvr can detect ads on popular sites better than before. Now when an ad is detected the new skip video button will be added automatically. Likewise, once the video ad is gone, the button will be removed when the video ad is detected gone for a few seconds.

Some VR Filters

Filter some pages by VR-Only when VR is found on page to hide all non-VR video thumbs.

Bug Fixes and Performance Updates

As always various small improvements have been made as well across various feature sets.