Google is currently reviewing and releasing the 1.13.6 update for the Smuuvr addon for Chrome this week. This update brings a bunch of awesome enhancements and upgrades to the WordPress Admin to make it easier to use and cleaner to look at.

Some of the highlights from this update include:

  • Sort the WP Admin Menu Alphabetically
  • Move items with Notifications into the Top Bar to un-bury them from sub-menus.
  • Turn the whole WP Admin to Dark Mode (beta)
  • Expand the side menu to full screen
  • Search the side menu while typing for faster locating of hard to find menu items
  • Style the admin menu better for cleaner look with tighter fonts and more prominent rollovers.

Just with those features alone, if you use the WP admin a lot like we do, you’ll probably never go back to using it without Smuuvr! What a relief it is to be able to just find stuff faster.

With this update also comes additional media detection, better ad detection, fixes for updates some sites had at the beginning of 2021, some minor bug fixes, various performance improvements, etc.

As always let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback on the new features.

For a full guide of the WP Admin features, see here: