Smuuvr 1.12.1 was just released with a fix for the bug that was reported in 1.12.0 regarding the Instagram Feed slideshow not working. This is fixed and works properly now.

Instagram Slideshow: Feed Scrolling Slideshow

The Instagram Slideshow feature will auto-scroll post to post for you so that you do not have to do the scrolling. This can be used to watch your instagram feed on your TV, too (see below).

Instagram Slideshow: Hashtag Pages

Go to any hashtag page on Instagram in your browser, and then start the slideshow. Smuuvr will start with the first tile on the page, open it in the floating lightbox view, and auto-click next for you, as it slideshows the hashtag page. This can be great for brand hashtags or events like weddings that have wedding hashtags, to show a slideshow of the hashtag on TVs for free.

Instagram Slideshow on Any TV with Chrome Cast + Smuuvr

Your Instagram slideshow can also be chrome-cast to your TV if you are using it in a Chrome desktop browser. Just connect a cast-enabled device like a Google Chromecast, an XBOX, a Roku, or any other device you can cast a Chrome tab browser to. Start the slideshow, and then press Cast from the menu in Chrome > 3 dots > Cast…

Use Dark Mode for Slideshows on TVs

The slideshow will look much better on a TV or projector if you enable Dark Mode.

Zoom the Page to Fit Your Screen

Once you have the slideshow running, you can position your browser how you want it (full screen or not), and then use your browser Zoom (CTRL +/-) to fit the view to the page as you like. Keep in mind, though, that zooming in a lot will enlarge the picture or video are so much that the comments section will disappear at some point. If you are doing comments, you will want to make sure the comment box is visible at the zoom level you are using or the comment box won’t be accessible.

Interact with the Page Before Starting Slideshows / Automation!

To avoid the browser or Instagram blocking certain actions, make sure you interact with the page first before starting any automated functionality. You can easily interact with the page by clicking / touching the screen in a non-link area, and just scrolling down a bit yourself to the 2nd post or so, anything like that will do the trick. Then, you can fire up the slideshow and it should run nice and smooth with no qualms from the browser.

Happy Slideshow-ing!