Looks like Google released the 1.12.0 version of Smuuvr in the last day or so. That’s great news, because there are some pretty amazing upgrades in this version. As always, you can get the manual install zip here on our site or the instant install from the Google Chrome store directly.

As always, this update includes:

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • New features and improvements
  • Ad remover improvements

YouTube & Instagram Feature Upgrades

A few YouTube and IG features got updated:

  • Tweaks: Liker updated
  • Fix: Feed slideshow fixed for Hashtag pages now (in desktop or desktop mode on mobile)
  • New Feature: Commenting supported now (in desktop or desktop mode on mobile)
  • Tweak: Grab image feature improved to work on more page types and with video and images
  • Fix: Corner-video position and size fix when scrolling down on YouTube and other similar video sites

Misc Updates:

  • Fix: Compatibility with Google, Amazon improved
  • Fix: Style overrides limited to more Smuuvr-specific targeting to avoid unintended overrides
  • Fix: Remove stylings when disabled
  • UI Update: Scrollbars added to toolbar for all the new buttons on smaller screens

Note: One minor bug has already been reported, too, where the IG feed slideshow doesn’t seem to be working, though the hashtag pages / non-feed pages (tile layout pages) work ok. We should have a bug fix for this out within the next couple week or so! In the mean time, just use hashtag pages where it’s more effective anyway!