We just released 1.11.4 with some bug fixes (thanks to @koop for the bug report).

Manual Install Error Fixed
This release fixes issues with manually installing the chrome extension and receiving a message that says the CSS File is not found and cannot be loaded. As soon as you update to 1.11.4 this issue will be resolved.

Google Chrome Add-On Marketplace Auto-Update Release This Week
Unfortunately, we have to wait for Google to review and release Smuuvr in the marketplace for auto-updates to go out. Luckily, that usually only takes a few days, so it should be out some time this week.

Manual Installs of 1.11.4 OK Now
In the meantime, anyone with earlier versions manually installed on Chrome or Firefox should remove the old plugin, and download 1.11.4 now from our Manual Install page.

More Tweaks & Tunes
In addition to the bug fix, more tweaks and updates have also gone out that address some minor issues including:

  • YouTube & PH Side-Scrollers improved
  • Minor performance improvements for all sites
  • Gmail exclusions
  • Instagram Auto-Liker & Slideshow fix
  • Video Looper improvements (can pause and resume loops, and repeating accuracy of loop position fixed)

That’s it for this update. More soon!

Keep an eye out for 1.12 which is almost complete as well, which will ship a bunch of nice UI improvements.