We just added 1.11.2 to our manual install page, it is in review by Google and they should release it some time in the next few days to week.

This update corrects a couple issues that were reported with:

* Fix for Video Loop Bug:
Video loops were not working right sometimes when video lags or buffers for a moment, looping too far back and causing additional buffering / loading. With this update video loops will now wait for the timecode when the loop was started to trigger sending the video back to the loop point,and it will always loop back to the correct original marker (10 seconds before the time it was pressed) every time accurately now.

* Bonus Loop Feature:
This fix also allows loops to be left on while the video is paused, and they will continue as normal when play is resumed, since it will not loop back until the play time passes the loop point.

* Corner Video Size Fix:
On some sites the video player was being forced tall – this is fixed.

The update should automatically install for Chrome Extension users that installed via the Chrome marketplace in the next week sometime.