We’re happy to announce that Smuuvr 1.10.1 is available now for download here on the site as a pre-release, and should be available in the Chrome Extensions store soon (within days).

One of amazing things about this release is that it allows you to easily skip through any video ad on any supported website. Yes, you read that correctly.

Skip Video Ads on Any Supported Site

Smuuvr recognizes the media player on most popular sites. On those sites, it will have a button in the toolbar called “Skip Video Ad”. When a video ad starts, just press that button and skip the video ad.

You can still watch video ads, too, if you want to. OCCASIONALLY, that’s nice actually. But, when it’s an ad that just needs to be gone, this new skip video ad button should do the trick.

Bonus: Rotate Any Video at 45 or 90 Degree Angles

Someone requested that we allow the video rotation feature stop at 45 degree increments in addition to the 90 degree increments. We thought that was a fine idea. It’s supported now!

Better Performance & Fixes

As usual, with almost every release, Smuuvr 1.10.1 includes some performance upgrades and glitch fixes. Namely,

  • The Sidebar Scrollers should use less CPU now
  • “Corner Video” mode should automatically disable full-height mode when scrolling down the page, to avoid the corner video filling the full right side of the screen.