Ah wow, that is MUCH better in fact!   Google will be releasing the 1.15.1 Smuuvr update automatically in the next couple days some time.

To sum it up:

Ads just get skipped automatically. Done and done.

Auto Skip is Now the Default
Auto-Skip, which was released in 1.15.0 in the Smuuvr toolbar is now the default option in 1.15.1+ – so you don’t have to turn it on, it’s just on already.

A New “Smuuvr / Skipping This Ad” Message
When skipping an ad, some videos tend to lag while the player catches up and goes to the next video.  Since this was causing some confusion of whether or not to press skip again, or press play, we added a message that says “SMUUVR: Skipping Ad.  Give it a sec to catch up.” while it’s skipping the ad.  This message also covers up some of what might be an annoying or gross ad, and automatically removes when the ad is gone.  Please let us know what you think of this addition and if it’s helpful or not.

Automatically Skip Video Ads on YouTube and Other Websites

Turn If Off
You can also still turn auto-skip off, if for some reason you want to watch ads.

Manual Toolbar Skip and In-Video Skip Buttons Still Work
If for some weirder reason it doesn’t auto-skip, you can still manually skip ads the same way if auto-skip doesn’t work using the right-side Smuuvr toolbar.  The button is at the top of the toolbar, labaled “Skip video ad”.  But, so far with our testing you almost never need this because auto-skip does a good job.