Now on supported websites a little side-bar will be docked on the right-edge of the browser, almost invisible.

Using the Smuuvr Bar

When you move your mouse over it, it slides out for you to use and has some great features that can help you move the media player around on screen.

Moving and Rotating the Video Player

While you’re mouse or finger are hovered on the bar you will see buttons that are available for the given site if it’s supported. With those buttons you can easily do things like pop the media player out of the page and scroll while it’s still on page, or just to view in a full browser width position for sites that don’t have that natively. You can rotate the media player 90 degrees as well, in either layout mode, which is nice for videos that were filmed sideways by a phone, which is very common.

This will work with the video players on many popular video sites, and if there is one that you use that isn’t supported, please let us know and we’ll add it for you!