Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want people seeing what’s currently in your browser but you don’t have time to grab the mouse? Well, this little feature will take care of that with one keystroke. Playing a game at work? Bank account on screen? Confidential information? No problem! When Jimbo walks up to your desk unannounced Just press the Escape key on your keyboard and Poof! -hidden. Press it again and Wa-La! the page fades back in like nothing happened.

Press Escape to Hide Page

Just press the “Escape” key and the page will turn grey immediately.

The tab title will also turn to “…” and the Icon in the tab will change as well, to fully mask what the tab is on.

Note: For keyboard keys to be recognized, Smuuvr will need to be active, and the focus (last thing the mouse clicked) has to be the current tab that you want to hide. If you’re browsing a web page, scrolling etc, that will be the case. If not (like if you just clicked on your Spotify or a different browser), you will need to click back into the window you want to hide to give it the focus, and then press Escape.