Sometimes YouTube videos just need to be rotated sideways or upside down while you’re watching them. Especially since the rise of cell phone videos, many people are posting videos sideways, or some videos turn sideways mid-video, and then back again, so that one orientation is not even enough. Well, fear not, because Smuuvr makes it easy to rotate a YouTube video in any direction with one click!

Rotate a YouTube Video

  1. Show the Toolbar
    Make sure Smuuvr is installed, and enabled, and mouse-over or touch the Smuuvr toolbar on the side of your window or touch it to slide it out if it’s minimized.
  2. Click Rotate
    Click “Roate >>” to rotate the video 45 degrees clockwise, or click “<< Rotate” to rotate the video 45 degrees counter-clockwise.
  3. More Player Space:
    If the rotated video goes off the top of the screen, also enable “Tall Player” in the toolbar, as this will make more room for the video so that it can all fit on screen nicely. (This may or may not be necessary depending on your screen size)
  4. To Return to Original Rotation
    To return the video to it’s original orientation, just keep clicking rotate to continue rotating in increments of 90 degrees until it’s returned to the desired rotation, or click the other rotate button to rotate back the opposite way.

A Rotated YouTube Video – Screen Shot:

Rotating Other Videos on Other Sites

Smuuvr also works on many other compatible video player sites, where this same feature applies the same way. If you find a site that is not supported yet, just let us know and we’ll add support for that site’s video players rotating sideways too!


That’s it! Enjoy your videos sideways, upside down, or any rotation you like.