1.13.10 was shipped last week with some fixes requested by our community, as well as some fixes for issues we discovered went out in 1.13.9 that sometimes cause the plugin to not load up correctly. This fix is required for it to run correctly but Google Chrome Extension Marketplace has rejected this last release for seemingly unrelated benign reasons (unused files in package). The files in question were used before, and don’t effect anything, and even may have been used again in the future, but currently they are in fact just extras that are unused – I guess that’s enough to flag / reject the package for a re-do in Google’s eyes.

So, we’ve fixed the issue by removing the extra files and resubmitted this version to Google for release earlier today. Hopefully that will satisfy the requirements – it should.

Thanks for your patience while Google’s review team gives it one last look and releases it. We look forward to this version being released, and anticipate they will release it for auto-update within the next day or two… hopefully sooner!