Improve your favorite websites automatically for free.

Who wants ads?  Not us.
Who needs cluttered, clunky layouts or over-sized margins for no reason?  Nobody.
Should we be limited to watching videos and using websites the way they came out of the box?  Not today!
Smuuvr makes many of your favorite websites even better by removing ads and adding features for more control of your experience.

Smuuvr is Free.

This extension is free to use!  Remove ads, fix layouts of popular sites, and control videos in new and more convenient ways all for free.  This is our way of giving back to the world.

Install from Google Chrome Web Store

Install instantly from the Google Chrome Extensions Web Store (for free) and toggle it on and off whenever you want in your chrome://extensions page.

Anonymous Usage = No Tracking

We do not track your usage in any way.  Your privacy is protected and respected.  Use Smuuvr with peace of mind that you use it with full anonymity.

Improve UX Everywhere

Our goal is to support as many popular websites as possible, making them better in any ways we can.  If you have any suggestions for new features, please contact us and let us know!

We are adding cool features all the time.

Auto-Remove Banner Ads

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Control, Size, and Rotate Videos

Take control of videos and rotate them, make them taller, wider, or dock to the corner while scrolling!

Enable Dark Mode for Any Site

Dark Mode for any website, including Google, YouTube, Instagram, and more! Turn it on for any website!

What Does It Do?

Smuuvr is a browser add-on that improves the user experience in the browser for common website issues such as but not limited to, having ads, not fitting screens well, looking crappy, sucking in general, and lots of other ways that fixing makes websites better! We are always adding more features and support for more websites!

Removes Ads and Other Unwanted Elements

For one, Smuuvr simply removes things that shouldn’t be there, like annoying ads or obtrusive layout elements.  This is similar to other ad removers out there, except ours still works where others such as Ad Block still show many ads or can’t block them like they used to.  Smuuvr removes ads with no issues, so that you get your content without all that extra annoying junk they call ads.

Adds Useful Media Controls

Then, it detects known media players and offers a side-bar that slides out nicely and can be closed with one click, containing extra buttons to do things like maximize a video, turn a video sideways, and other helpful features to give you more control of the media you watch and websites you use to enjoy them to the fullest.  With this you can control the media players on various sites in ways that they don’t normally offer – make it larger, fit the height of the browser, rotate the player, and many more features.

What Doesn’t It Do?

We don’t do a lot of things that suck, that other companies love to do.   These are usually money-grubbing annoying things that companies do to make money.  Well, our goal isn’t to make money, it’s to make a nice add-on for everyone. So, there’s LOTS of things we DON’T do that you’ll be glad to hear.

For example:

  • Smuuvr does not have ads in it.  
  • Smuuvr does not try to sell you “in-app purchases” of any kind
  • Smuuvr does not “phone home” or track or spy on you in any way. 
    Everything is inclusive to your browser so you don’t have to worry about any AdWare or Ad Targeting like so many companies do today.  Google and Facebook are notorious for collecting tons of data on your usage, but we are not doing that.  How can you trust us?  The next point:
  • Smuuvr’s code is reviewed by Google’s Extension Store team prior to release.  This delays our releases for a few days, but is absolutely worth the peace of mind to know that there is a human review of what is allowed on Google’s extension marketplace.  This is a guarantee that someone else from Google has checked there is no malware or anything like that in our code, and they do not allow anything like that.  They do not allow remote includes or remote calls of personal data or anything that could be a security issue.

Check Back for New Features

Check back periodically for new versions with new feature releases to improve your favorite sites even more! 

We hope you enjoy a better experience from our add-ons as much as we have.  


— Smuuvr Team

What Browsers Does It Work For?

  • Google Chrome

    Install from Chrome Web Store on Desktop, or Manually

  • Mozilla FireFox

    Install Manually *for now*

  • Kiwi Browser

    Install on any Android device from Google Play Store on Mobile!

How Do You Know When It’s Working?

Simply turn on / off the add-on in your Extensions settings page in your browser.  When it’s working, you will see ads disappear, layouts change, and a side-bar on the right side of your window with new buttons and features in it.  On some sites, you may see a purple circle with an “S” in the top right corner of the logo and the number of auto-upgrades performed.  Also if you mouse over the toolbar and look at the “show ads” button a number will denote how many were hidden that can be re-shown.

Websites Supported:

From YouTube and Facebook to Any WordPress Site with YouTube Videos, Amazon, Reddit, TechCrunch, PornHub, RedTube, +many more.

We’re Taking Requests for Your Favorite Sites

Is there a website we don’t support yet?  If so, let us know! We accept submissions from users and add more and more support all the time.



Upcoming Features

We are working on a new features that will provide another layer of control to your experience, and help fix websites that have some hidden scripts.  Check back soon for updates on this, and otherwise, use Incognito Mode to limit cookies and tracking from websites you visit. 

Pro Tip:  CTRL_SHIFT_N in Chrome opens an Incognito window with a quick keyboard shortcut.  Use our instructions page to enable Smuuvr for Incognito mode.