Is Smuuvr Completely Free?


Does Smuuvr gather any information on me as a user?


Is Smuuvr completely anonymous?


How Do I Stop the Side Scrollers?

Mouse over the smuuvr toolbar on the right hand side of the window, and click “Scrollers”.  This will toggle it off for this website permanently.

Do I Have to Sign Up for an Account?

Nope!  Just install from the Chrome App store for free in seconds.

How Do I know This Is Legit?

Google independently reviews our un-minified source code with every single release before releasing it in their marketplace.  If your worried about it, get it from Google as opposed from our website and you know they’ve reviewed it and there’s no hidden malware or anything like that.  You can also download our Zip file and unzip it and scan it with your virus scanner, if you prefer not to get Smuuvr from Chrome Addons Marketplace.