Smuuvr Makes Websites Better. For Free.

This extension provides a smoother experience for many websites in Chrome, FireFox, and Kiwi Browser.

Improve & Enhance your favorite websites such as YouTube, Amazon, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Vimeo, and more.  

We use a simple formula:

(Great Websites) + (More Features & Control) – (Less Ads & Clutter) = Better

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Goodbye, Annoying Banner Ads

Smuuvr automatically removes annoying ads from the page on popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and many more that you probably visit regularly.

Goodbye, Annoying Clutter

Smuuvr automatically fixes web page layouts on some websites, making the page wider, clearing unnecessary margins, enlarging thumbnails, and more to make the most of your nice, wide screen.


More Awesomeness

Smuuvr will recognize supported video player websites and add a small toolbar on the edge of the screen that you can mouse over to see a number of extra controls that can help get the most of popular video player websites.  Need to turn a video sideways?  No problem.  Use Smuuvr!

Free + No Signup Required

You don’t need to sign up for any annoying accounts to use Smuuvr.  No login or passwords to remember.  Just install it for your browser in seconds, and then enjoy 🙂  Turn it on or turn it off as with any extension, without ever having to log in.  

News & Updates

Smuuvr 1.9.1 Released with YouTube Fixes

Smuuvr 1.9.1 Released with YouTube Fixes

The first patch release is live on our Manual Installation page and also in Google Review for release in the Chrome Store this week. Update 10/8/19: This has been approved / released by Google Chrome Extensions store. This version fixes some bugs that went out with...